Welcome to Grounded Actual Foods

Welcome to Grounded AF. 

I never pictured writing a blog post ( ever ) but since we haven't seen each other in a while and we wanted to catch up and let you know what's new and what you can expect from grounded in the coming months, here it is.

First what's new?

A global pandemic... for starters. This is something I don't think any of us can say we were prepared for even when we saw it coming. Up until the moment we decided to close it was business as usual for grounded coffee co.... 

Coffee was flowing hard on March 13 and in the background the team and I were planning for the summer and preparing for phase 2 of our building renovation to begin May ish.

This phase included a counter extension, a refill water station, removal of the tile and wood floor in the seating area and adding windows in the roasting area. Engineers visited, plans were hatched, tests completed and down payments paid.... We were preparing to conduct business from Fern (coffee truck) for a month outside while we completed these exciting changes inside. Then a patio<3

Skip ahead to March 17.

We're closing our cafe and we're restructuring our company to minimize the risk of infecting large amounts of people.  Cafes rely on volume and grounded has hundreds of visitors everyday. It is simply irresponsible for us to continue serving the public that way knowing how quickly the virus is passed. sooooo we changed.

What can you expect in the coming months? and until further notice...

 While thinking about the safety of the community and not knowing what the future might hold, we have decided to offer online sales ordering and pick up or delivery service on Thursday's and Saturday's.

 If you are late getting your order in or your favourite scone is sold out chances are that we will have what you want at the cafe if you get in early so come on down ( if you are healthy and haven't been outside of the country lately.)

The cafe will offer take away service on Saturdays and Thursdays between the hours of 8-2. 

We are still committed to offering locally grown and produced food to you. Our list of local farmers will change and grow as always throughout the summer as seasonal foods become available.  Check back regularly or get your name on our email list for information and updates.

This week we have lettuce and spinach from Jon at Heart and Sol Farm, carrots, beets, onions, potatoes and pea shoots from Vicky at Cookstown Greens.  Foster's Farm will have eggs for Saturday again as we wait for Steve to visit the grading station on Thursday. 

Lastly, I want to thank you all for the encouraging words and messages of support.  I want to thank you for sharing our posts on social media and for not forgetting that we are here and I want to thank you for the pictures.<3

We love seeing your sunrise coffee pic's, your half eaten scone pic's and your cool coffee set ups, we love seeing your  freshly decorated cookies and we are hoping that you will continue to send us your pictures. 

send photos to orders@groundedcoffee.ca (subject...Grounded pic's) to be featured in our Grounded Community Photography Show.

Thank you, thank you, Thank you,

 and welcome <3 to Grounded AF.


Team Grounded