May4, 2020

Its May the 4th and week 8 of grounded af.

As we all start to look ahead at how our lives will change again as we move through the phases of this pandemic I wanted you to know what to expect from grounded...

First, we will continue to offer delivery for immune compromised, elderly and folks with kids on Thursday and Saturday. We appreciate your patience and understanding while you pick up your orders. We are trying our best to shorten wait times at the cafe and we continue to explore ways to respect distance between us all. 

Next, throughout the madness, we have enjoyed meeting new farmers and being able to introduce you to more local growers and producers in the Simcoe County region. A quick google search will lead you to dozens of local farms and food efforts and we will continue to add exciting choices to all of our plates moving forward... like Fresh Acres, Locally Grown, Organic Beans (head over to the online store for more info)

On the subject of farmers... The Southern Georgian Bay Farmers Market is set to begin early June and we look forward to having them back at the waterfront. Upon their return we will also be open Sundays until 1pm. 

Also,  expanded hours.... As much as we want to throw our doors open and welcome you all back we feel that its just too soon.  This week we will be serving coffee Thursday and Saturdays only. I'll check in next Monday regarding this situation.

In coffee news, Fischer and Scott  are excited to offer Ethiopian Gesha Natural to the list of coffee this week. A quick history on the Gesha variety.. In a south west corner of Ethiopia close to a small town called Gesha grew a magic variety of undiscovered  coffee for 100's of years. In 2004 the coffee was brought to Panama and won Cup of Excellence. Tasting notes...sweet, floral, blueberries, honey, citrus.  

Lastly, we added a few ideas for Mothers Day. There is an amazing amount of local crafts people, artists and chefs in the area and we appreciate your support through these times. If you have anything you or somebody you know are serving or selling for Mothers Day give us a tag and we will add it to our stories all week long. 

We hope you have a great week. Be kind, be patient, be nice and we will see you soon.

Team Grounded Af <3

ps.  In the photo... Mom/Model hides behind Incense Kit with Crystal from Lion the Witch and the Reiki, $40. Incense is helpful in the clearing of negative energy, enhances memory, quickens the senses and improves mood. Can be found in the store.